Science Can Give You 1 Extra Second in a Day, We’ll Give You 3599 More

Have you heard? Today you’re getting an extra second in your day due to the odd rotation of the planet! NASA further explains why science has generously decided June 30th should be longer than the rest of the year in this short video:

Science is offering you an extra second in your day on June 30th.

Twitter has been buzzing all days with suggestions on how to use today’s extra second:

Even Kermit wants you to spend it wisely!

And others are concerned it could cause the biggest internet disaster since Y2K!

Impressive! But we don’t really see what the big deal is. eSchedule has been giving scheduling managers thousands of extra seconds every day for the last 10 years! By taking their Excel spreadsheet or paper-based schedules and moving them to the cloud, we have been able to reduce the time they spend dealing with absences, scheduling conflicts and outdated workflows. We’d love to give you some extra time in your day as well: