Ensure managers & employees are
up-to-date with instant notifications

Hand on phone

Manager Notifications

You will always be alerted and in control of schedule requests made by your employees, which guarantees that action is taken immediately. Accepted/declined shifts, trades and time-off requests will all trigger notifications that get sent to you, ultimately eliminating any confusion when coordinating your workforce.

Manager Notifications

Email Notification

Employee Notifications

“I forgot I was working”, “I didn’t see that shift on the schedule”, “Nobody told me!” Eliminate employee excuses with eSchedule’s email and SMS notifications that inform them of any shifts they are scheduled for and requires them to accept. Further, third-party calendar synchronization means your staff can view their entire work schedule on their preferred calendar application. Employee’s are able to view their schedule from home or on-the-go with most web-enabled devices.

Multi-platform Notifications

In combination with eSchedule’s flexible workflows, email and mobile SMS notifications always keep you informed and ensure you’re able to maintain control over shift adjustments. Any notifications that need your immediate action can be addressed promptly on your eSchedule Manager Action Dashboard.

eSchedule on Different Devices

Alarm Clock

Open Shift Alarm

With traditional scheduling methods, if a shift needs to be filled last minute, you must begin calling employees at the worst possible time. With eSchedule, the open shift alarm feature will generate an automatic email or text message that is sent to employees immediately after a shift becomes available. This ensures open shifts are filled quickly and you have enough labor coverage to assist customers during peak hours.