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Retail Employee Scheduling

Do you value your employees?  How about your customers?  You know the retail realm is people, people, people.  And every minute you spend on manually managing schedules reduces your opportunity to connect with customers, develop staff, and drive your business. Even worse, without an easy automated way to deal with open shifts you will loose sales. Choose to change. Grow those overhead minutes into hours of effective time through easy and error-free employee scheduling.

STOP REACTING – break your cycle of spending hours coordinating time

START ACTING – focus on the people that impact your business

Employee Scheduling Feature Overview
eSchedule in Retail

Right now eSchedule members, ranging from our largest enterprises to the niche-focus retailers, are using simple system features to remove the burden on managers to coordinate availability, shuffle shift trades, align vacations, and manually update staff.

“Biggest benefit of eSchedule is increased visibility of and for decisions.”
( executive statement after coast-to-coast rollout )
What you can do with eSchedule…

…in a Glance
- Managers : see the assignment, status, and confirmation of every shift in a month
- Employees : see every upcoming, open, and confirmed shift

…with a Click
- Managers  : find every available / qualified employee for a shift
- Employees : acknowledge all assigned shifts
…under a Minute
- Managers  : post and notify staff of available shifts
- Employees : coordinate a shift trade
Member achievements & applications we are especially proud of:
  • eSchedule stores responded to sales trends quicker than rest of company
  • a 10% sales increase was achieved during the pilot
  • stores are hitting 100% of hours… not over, not under, but right on
  • recovered yearly payroll plan in Q4 with implementation of eSchedule

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