I’ve never logged in before, how do I get my login details?

When your manager/administrator created your account an automated message was sent from eSchedule to the email address that they associated with your profile. Check your email account for this message as it contains your Login and Password info. Don’t forget to check the Spam box (sometimes things get lost).

You didn’t receive an email, or, your account wasn’t created with an active email address? No problem. Contact your Scheduling Manager, they have access to your profile to help you obtain your login information. Here are the steps your Scheduling Manager will take.

4 Steps

  1. navigate to the employee’s profile page
  2. locate the information within the ‘Email Address’ field: this is the employee’s Login details (*we recommend updating this to an active email account if not initially configured with one)
  3. click the ‘Reset Password’ to have the password reset – a temporary password will be indicated
  4. provide this information to your employee