FREE eSchedule Webinar

WHEN: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 11am MST (1 hr duration)
WHAT: eSchedule Webinar – “The Common Suspects”
WHO: You!

The mo-stached eSchedule crew (yes the ladies are sporting fakie facial hair too) would like to offer you a swap: 1 hour of your time in exchange for answers to life, the universe, everything. Not buying it eh? How about a webinar that will provide you an overview of how to solve the most common eSchedule issues? Yeah, we thought you might go for that.

Based on what our favorite people have informed us (that would be our users, in case you were wondering), there seems to be a couple common issues that are causing some grief. This virtual session will address these topics with the goal of making your life easier:

  1. “I can’t log on!”
  2. “I need to update my email, notifications, and availability!”
  3. “I need John Doe-Eyed to work at my store!”
  4. “I can’t find an employee I want to fill a shift!”

Open and free to anyone, yes…ANYONE. Current user or not, we would be honoured if you would share a bit of your time with us. And of course a chance to participate will be provided. Space for 50 attendees is available. So make a social out of this info event, gather around your nearest digital display with your co-workers and a warm bevy of your choice.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback. You help us help you!

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