Staffing clinics, units, and mobile EMS is difficult when multiple doctors have overlapping shifts or time off. Cancelling vacation can upset your physicians and running without core staff is not an option. Prevent your facilities from facing this challenge. Easily manage time off so you are not running short staffed by mistake. An easy-to-use online employee scheduling solution may be just what the doctor ordered.

eSchedule Benefits

Multi-Location Medical Services are Easily Connected by eSchedule

Are you able to see where your practitioners are… can they? Scheduling with eSchedule allows administrators the confidence to coordinate doctors between various locations without worrying about conflicts.

“Now I no longer have to be in 2 places at once!!!”

( our favorite medical employee comment )

What you can do with eSchedule…

…in a Glance

  • Administrators : schedule practitioners at multiple locations without conflict
  • Doctors : confirm up-to-the-moment scheduling changes

…with a Click

  • Administrators : view time off for entire roster
  • Doctors : view all future and historical vacation

…under a Minute

  • Administrators : configure practitioner skills / seniority / certification
  • Doctors : align availability with professional improvement initiatives

Supporting the Health Care Industry and their People:

  • the need to compile and check various schedules for shift conflicts is gone
  • allows a complete overview of all services at a given location
  • the simplest way to allow doctors extended time off while keeping clinics staffed