Umi Sushi & Tapas is first eSchedule member to receive trees with the Paperless eScheduling Program

Less than one day following our Earth Day announcement of the Paperless eScheduling Program we were proud to make the world a little greener with our first recipient of this initiative. On April 23rd Umi Sushi completed their Free Trial and became a subscribing member using two eSchedules to schedule their employees. This graduation from trial user to eSchedule member was all that was required to qualify for the program. In partnership with Tree Canada a pair of trees, one for each active eSchedule, will be planted for Umi Sushi during the upcoming planting season. eSchedule will also plant additional trees annually on behalf of Umi Sushi for each paperless eSchedule that is not printed throughout the year. Thank you Umi Sushi & Tapas for supporting eSchedule to help create a paperless and reforested future.

“eSchedule is easy to use with a low learning curve and has the flexibility to quickly accommodate our changing business needs.”Taki Tanaka

Taki Tanaka, general manager of Umi Sushi & Tapas, told us he started looking for online scheduling because he was struggling to stay connected to his employees when they were away from the restaurant. Taki selected eSchedule for its’ ability to reduce efforts associated with providing employees convenient access to consistent information. He highlighted the elimination of scheduling conflicts was an unexpected benefit which has positively effected the business. Hearing the impact Umi Sushi was enjoying only deepened our pride when informing Taki that his business was the first to have trees planted on his behalf. Taki’s response was amazing; “You guys are planting trees for us? Oh wow, that’s pretty cool!” He told us he loved the encouragement to go paperless and that using eSchedule has reduced their monthly paper consumption to a single sheet. Thrilled by Umi Sushi‘s response we are excited to receive feedback from additional program recipients.

About Umi Sushi & Tapas

Umi Sushi is a “kaiten” style Japanese restaurant where the sushi bar is surrounded by a conveyor belt system that carries the plated items to tables and counter seats while the chefs continuously add fresh plates. Kaiten is the most popular style of sushi restaurant in Japan though is the first restaurant of its’ kind in Connecticut.

The popularity of sushi in the USA is widespread yet traditional Japanese methods and flavoring are ignored too frequently. Umi Sushi is dedicated to remedying this through the use of traditional methods in the essential parts of Japanese cooking. Though traditional with their cooking methods, Umi Sushi also aims to be an exhilarating place to dine with a unique interior decorated with fine art and an illuminated bar where friendly staff are ready to serve you.

Umi Sushi+Tapas
53 Isham Rd West Harford, CT 06107