The beginning of Spring, as with all seasons, is marked by the celestial position of the Sun & Earth. Early on March 20th we welcomed the Spring equinox in the northern hemisphere where the Sun precisely rises due East and will set due West. With the Sun beyond the celestial equator and on it’s journey northward, the autumn season begins in the southern hemisphere. On the first day of our Spring, with day and night being approximately equal and renewed growth imminent, we are proud to announce the official release of our latest version of eSchedule.

Spring is a natural transition that seamlessly demonstrates how to give-without-expectation. Simply, we chose to follow suit. Pursuing the goals of Easier, Faster, and Safer we renewed the eSchedule website and application with enhanced features and security. We also thought it was time to finally join the conversation on your favorite social websites.


Making eSchedule easy for people to try was the most obvious move towards simplicity. We have rolled out a 45-day free trial offering unrestricted eSchedule use. Come on, what is easier than free?! Perhaps a new support campaign with simple visual how-to’s? You bet, so we included that as well. And for good measure we’ve released a variety of features making it easier to approve and manage time off, track scheduled hours by day/week/month, and find employees using our Geo-Lookup feature.


As the eSchedule application grows in functionality and in number of users one might think it has slowed down a bit. Nope. Quite the opposite in fact with our recent optimizations for faster auto-scheduling, employee search, and report generation.


eSchedule is now a “VeriSign Trusted” site. So what does this mean for our users? A “VeriSign Class 3 Extended Validation” means we have successfully achieved an independent 3rd party certification for secure data encryption and transmission, identity verification, and absence of malware. In short, eSchedule has your back and your data is guaranteed to be safe.


Have you heard of this new social media craze? We took a look and it seems all the cool kids doing it, so count us in ;-) . Ok, ok, admittedly we’re a bit late to this party, but better late then never. So please give us the opportunity to rectify this tardy entry by making ourselves available to you on whichever social network you prefer.

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The relationship between the annual celestial cycle and Earth’s seasons is one in which the seasons owe a debt of gratitude for their existence. eSchedule shares a similar relationship with everyone who we rely on to continue rotating: the people behind the businesses and organizations who choose to use our solutions; the vendors who provide essential services enabling us to operate; and our community of supporters, colleagues, and friends who create the technology space where people’s everyday problems are solved. THANK YOU!

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