What do the different colors on my eSchedule represent?

Three shift statuses exist, with each representing a distinct schedule state in the scheduling process. A unique color identifies each status is identified in the eScheduler and calendar.

PENDING Status (draft schedule)

  • managers working version of the schedule (shifts have yet to be publicly assigned)
  • employee type users cannot see these shift sets
  • calendar color = Customizable

WARNINGS Status (published schedule)
*the shift acceptance work-flow must enabled to see this status

  • managers publish schedule (publicly viewable to staff)
  • employees are notified via email new schedule is posted
  • employees need to acknowledge schedule on their Shifts Tab
  • calendar color = Customizable

APPROVED Status (final schedule)

  • employees have acknowledged their assigned shift
  • schedule is finalized (staff has confirmed they are aware of their shifts)
  • calendar color = Customizable

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