Introducing Active User Pricing

Updated Pricing Model

Our active user pricing model is unique because it saves you money by only charging for what you actually use each month. You shouldn’t have to pay for employees that aren’t being scheduled and with eSchedule you won’t be. What is an active user defined as?

Active User = an employee that is scheduled for at least one shift within the 30 days before or the 30 days after a customers monthly billing date.

How is the monthly subscription calculated?

Subscription fees are automatically calculated on the monthly renewal date, based on your organization’s number of active users in the system. This monthly cost is dynamic, meaning it can change each month depending on your actual system usage.

An Example:

  • An ice-cream chain has 10 locations open year round and 100 employees that work either full-time or seasonally between these stores. In the busy Summer months they need to schedule all 100 of their employees, however in the Fall, half of their employees return to school and won’t be scheduled again until the following summer. Since these users aren’t active during the off-season (not scheduled 30 days before or 30 days after the billing date), the company’s subscription cost will automatically decrease by just over a third to the lower active employees grouping.

Why do we use an active user price structure?

Because YOU benefit!

Per-User is arbitrary and requires effort and drives up costs!

  • Companies pay for every user account regardless of activity. To control these costs administrators need to spend labor hours managing unused and redundant user accounts.

Active User Pricing is easy, dynamic, and cost effective!

  • Subscription fees are automatically calculated and adjusted according to exact usage. Administrators are free from managing user accounts because inactive ones will automatically not be counted in the monthly cost calculation.

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up to 15 employees


/mo. billed annually
$25/mo. billed monthly

16-30 employees


/mo. billed annually
$40/mo. billed monthly

31-60 employees


/mo. billed annually
$65/mo. billed monthly

61-100 employees


/mo. billed annually
$95/mo. billed monthly

101+ employees

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