What is your focus? What about the people you work with? Is it to manage time or to ensure the delivery of quality education? Imagine spending as much time on coordination as actual teaching…. incredibly unlikely. However, why spend any unnecessary time each month on coordination when a simple solution that automatically organizes complex error-free schedules exists? Are you ready for your easy web-based scheduling alternative?

Educators and Students Coming Together

All services, whether educational or extracurricular or volunteer, involve people supplying their students required information. Scheduling flexibility, whether for simplified semester planning, course coordination, or parent-teacher interviews is a critical component in delivering education while meeting the needs and constraints of your teachers. Our industry members leverage eSchedule’s flexible features such as open shift scheduling, unlimited templates, shift alarms, and instant notifications.

What you can do with eSchedule…

…in a Glance

  • Administrators / Coordinators : ensure multiple required services overlap
  • Educators / Volunteers : see type of service to be delivered

…with a Click

  • Administrators / Coordinators : configure automatic notifications
  • Educators / Volunteers : pick up open courses

…under a Minute

  • Administrators / Coordinators : copy a schedule template and roster from similar semester
  • Educators / Volunteers : search geographically for additional class locations

Know Your Audience:

  • ability to coordinate optimized course planning according to enrollment
  • easy and accurate schedule creation reflecting client’s needs
  • complexities around different locations or geographies are nullified for those coordinating