Optimize your labor requirements based on historical demand


  • Optimize Labor Demand

    It can be difficult predicting your organizations labor needs when each day of the week brings different customer demand. Shift Guidance™ can improve your ability to meet these labor demands while also allowing you to achieve monthly labor targets. It can even react to unexpected changes in order volume driven by on-line promotions, and schedule accordingly.

    • Optimized Labor Chart

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    ERP/POS Integration

    We also enable you to leverage the historical ERP/POS data you’ve been collecting. By analyzing it, Shift Guidance™ can provide your organization with a competitive advantage using proprietary algorithms that anticipate demand and optimize scheduling. With this implementation, your business can increase sales and recover labor overruns.


    If you’re a large enterprise with multiple locations to coordinate employees between, you may dream of automating the scheduling process. Our Shift Guidance™ feature will translate your demand curves into eSchedule templates. Then you can auto-generate open or filled schedules from them, instantly creating the ideal labor coverage each week. eSchedule Professional Services is available to implement your organizations Shift Guidance™ strategy.

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