Open-shift Scheduling with eSchedule

In collaboration with leading client organizations across North America, eSchedule is setting a new standard in results-driven solutions for open-shift employee scheduling. Our clients consistently achieve exceptional results from our innovative technology and unrivaled level of client support.

  • eSchedule stores responded to sales trends quicker than rest of company
  • a 10% sales increase was achieve during the pilot
  • stores are hitting 100% of hours… not over, not under, but right on
  • recovered yearly payroll plan in Q4 with implementation of eSchedule

Drop the pen, put down the phone. Gone are the days of pieces of paper tacked to a break room corkboard marked up with shift changes. No more hours upon hours stressed on the phone begging staff to come in to fill shifts.

eSchedule is eliminating the headaches managers, administrators, and employees experience when coordinating and communicating schedules and schedule changes. Our online system is up-to-the-moment accurate which displays the same schedule information to users. This allows qualified employees to see available shifts in real-time at their location, or locations if they are setup to work at more than one, which can instantly be claimed. eSchedule employees also have the ability to coordinate shift trades directly from their account with an automatic approval request sent to their manager.

With the ability for employees to pick up, trade, and have current knowledge of their shift shifts from any internet device, our members are finding fewer shifts go unstaffed. Employees are also reported to experience increased job satisfaction as a result of the ability to interactively participate in their schedules.

Overall, shifts are filled more often which translates into both retained and increased business for the organization. And due to the engagement and autonomy eSchedule provides to employees, your business will benefit from a more satisfied workforce. Increased employee satisfaction has the ability to improve work performance, enhance provided services, and create a better customer experience.

Watch an introduction of what eSchedule does for MANAGERS

Watch an introduction of what eSchedule does for EMPLOYEES