Norton Secured Seal

This certificate provides companies and consumers the required confidence to participate in online interactions and transactions.

eSchedule.ca relies on the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to deliver private communications through an encrypted channel and ensure data is kept safe, secure and only available to you. When a browser attempts to connect to an SSL secured website, the server must identify itself with a copy of the SSL certificate and the browser will confirm it trusts that server. If it does, the SSL encrypted session begins once the server sends a digitally signed acknowledgement and the user will see HTTPS appear.

Security Status

The Symantic Website Security Status has rated eSchedule “Very secure”, the highest achievable level:

Each day a website malware scan is completed and has found 0 instances of malware.

Each week a vulnerability assessment is done and has returned 0 critical vulnerabilities.

eSchedule can secure private user information using its SSL certificate. Any page beginning with HTTPS is encrypted.

Identity has been verified and official records confirm that eSchedule Inc. is a valid business and owner of eSchedule.ca

The following are ways in which websites maintain this status:

  • Above and beyond a firewall, encrypt all data, whether active or static
  • Make sure software remains up to date
  • Servers should run malware scans and vulnerability assessments
  • Ensure all staff is educated on security protocols