How do I copy a roster from one location to another?

Executive and District Managers are able to copy staff rosters from one eSchedule to another. This automatically assigns employees to the location you designate, making them immediately available to be scheduled at the new location. Because this process copies all existing position assignments you do not have to worry about re-configuring individual assignments on their employee profile. The feature is perfect for ensuring your staff available between various work locations or when using multiple eSchedules at one locations.

6 Steps

  1. navigate to the Locations Tab (i.e. clinic, stores, etc)
  2. select the ‘Details’ link for the eSchedule Roster to be copied
  3. click ‘Roster’ to reveal the widget
  4. check off the employees you want to copy to the new location
  5. click ‘copy’ in the bottom left corner
  6. select an eSchedule to copy the employees into and click the ‘Copy Roster’ button