Instantly fill open shifts, track time-off and efficiently manage shift-trades

Shift-Trade Requests

Save scheduling managers even more time by allowing your workforce to be part of the scheduling process. They can be given the ability to trade shifts with other employees through a simple work-flow process. You will have the ultimate approval.

Shift Trade

Real-time Availability

Powerful Availability Algorithm

Before appearing as eligible to work a shift, eSchedule runs an algorithm to confirm that employee is available. This checks to ensure the employee is not working a shift at a different location, that they don’t have time-off requested, that their availability is open for the shift day, and that their daily/weekly hours don’t exceed the maximum allowed by the store or the number set in their profile.

Location Assignments

If your organization has multiple locations (remember we support an infinite number of them), you probably find that some employees would like to work at a few different worksites. After approval from a manager, eSchedule gives your workforce the ability to assign themselves to the locations that are geographically closest to their place of residence.

Self Assignments

Open Shift Workflow

Open Shift Workflow

An open shift gives you the ability to assign a position and time slot, but to leave it unfilled at that time. Employees can pick up the open shifts they are qualified for on a first come, first serve basis. Managers also have the ability to fill open shifts on their own by selecting the employee they would like to work that slot.

Generate Shifts From Template

Once you’ve created a weekly template it’s time to add these pre-defined shifts to your schedule. You have the ability to generate all open shifts from your template and allow your employees to choose when they work. Alternatively you can simply generate a schedule, which uses eSchedule’s availability algorithm to automatically fill all the shifts.

Generate Shifts