Can I print my eSchedule?

Yes you can. Quite simply too. The question is, do you really want to? After all a paper schedule becomes outdated the moment there is any kind of change, which, is a common occurrence when using web-based time management tools.

5 Steps

  1. navigate to “eSchedule” tab and select an eSchedule (view 1 or view 2)
  2. click the ‘Options’ button in the top-right or bottom-right corner
  3. select ‘Export eSchedule’ from the drop-down menu and set Export Type to ‘Printable’
  4. click on the ‘Dates’ field and select start and end dates in the calendar
  5. click the ‘Export eSchedule’ button

A quick note:

As hard as we try to peak through everyone’s window to see what kind of printer you have plugged in we cannot always see past your blinds…..or through the chest of Mr. Security. So we do apologize in advance that some of you may get odd looking paper copies when printing. Nada we can do about that from our end, but your eSchedule will always be available online. Perhaps that memo about going paperless should be pulled out of the recycling bin?