August Update Release Notes

Have you missed us? Here at eSchedule, our tech team has been keeping busy to bring you the latest in new features, fixed bugs and general updates. The following release notes give you the rundown on what you may notice has changed!

Added Features

  • “Add shift” function in View 1 now same as View 2
    • Click on an “open shift” or “add shift” button to pull up the shift editor window that allows you to edit the position, date, time and employee
  • “Add shift” function allows you to create multiple new shifts for multiple days at once
    • Select “shift options” in the shift editor window to add several shifts during the selected week
  • Type of time off requested now appears directly on schedule in View 2
  • Ability to “delete OPEN shifts” under “options” which erases all open shifts from the schedule in the selected date range
  • Bulk update button to set multiple employees max hours/week at once
    • Found under the employees tab, at the bottom of your employee list – use check-boxes to choose which profiles get updated

General Updates

  • Under “options”, the word “schedule” has been replaced by “shifts” in order to reduce confusion
  • Improved overall speed of functions within the application
  • Updated the availability conflict avoidance feature to increase scheduling optimization

Fixed Bugs

  • Geo-coding addresses repaired (if feature enabled)
    • Enter address in profile, then update coordinates – gives ability to assign yourself to nearby locations
  • Can once again create back-to-back shifts
  • Subscribe to eSchedule button simplifies schedule synchronization with third party calendar applications


  • Print button in View 1
    • To print, select “options” -> export eSchedule -> type: “Printable” -> select date range
  • Ability to drag shifts in View 1 to adjust shift length or shift position
    • Click the shift to open the shift editor, then select time from drop-down menu

We hope you enjoy the improvements!