Absence Management Module and Time Card Update Release Notes

We just released a new version with significant updates to the absence management module and a brand new time card solution, as well as several small bug fixes.

New Features

  • Timecard feature has been added
  • Availability toggle shows visual of when employees can work directly on schedule
  • Subscription details tab found under Settings – can now enter billing information right from your account
  • Managers can request absences on behalf of employees on their profile
  • Managers can approve/decline/revoke absences on employee profiles
  • Managers can approve/decline absences directly from Home tab
  • Add new employee now has smart drop downs (state/country now take additional entries)
  • Employee profile now has smart drop downs (state/country now take additional entries)
  • Stores dropdowns now use smart drop downs

General Updates

  • Trial accounts will revert to FREE accounts after 15 days — no access to scheduling module
    • Users will have unlimited access to the FREE Absence Management Module
  • View 2 has been renamed to NEW View and View 1 has been renamed to OLD View
  • Employee profiles now organize widgets (absences, assignments, availability, schedule, timecards) in columns, ordered alphabetically
  • Absence requests can be added and revoked for past dates
  • Shift notes now included on the eScheduleICAL feed
  • Add new employee state/country now loads as data instead on inline (faster)
  • Employee profile state/country now loads as data instead on inline (faster)
  • Addition of a super user
  • Holidays are renamed to Closures

Fixed Bugs

  • When checking availability sometimes we were using the wrong date
  • Employee maximum hours per week was sometimes NULL
  • SMS messages now are not truncated – instead we send an optimized message with shift counts via SMS
  • Optimized the way we retrieve new shift assignments from data layer (faster)
  • http://www.eschedule.ca/login.asp in email signatures now links to https://www.eschedule.ca/login
  • Time-off references in emails now read absence
  • Time-off items on schedules now read absence
  • AddShift2 now properly logs instead of only logging new shifts when APPR and in FUTURE
  • getDeclinedShifts now does orderby in class vs service (faster)
  • Shift alarm now sends optimized SMS
  • Normalized employee fields between different views (add/view/profile)
  • Height on add new template shift modal is fixed so you can see the whole button
  • Shift approved/denied/revoked flags are now explicitly set