Across your organization, or within an individual location, the need may exist to manage time gaps between shifts when employees cannot be scheduled. This could be due to government rest requirements, or union labor regulations, or internal cost control measures …or whatever.

Shift Buffering, creating intervals between consecutive shifts, can be done directly from your Settings tab in a few clicks. The ability to enable and define minimum time intervals between shifts exists on a location by location basis. Shift Buffering automatically ensures all Scheduling Managers across various jurisdictions are in compliance with their governing regulations at all times. A mere 7 clicks and you will alleviate all the time and effort previously needed to manually manage time intervals between employee shifts.

Scheduling Managers, District Managers, and Executive level users are able to enable shift buffering at locations they are responsible for.

6 Steps

  1. Login with an Executive User account
  2. Select the ‘Settings’ tab
  3. Click the ‘Scheduling’ link
  4. Select a location from the ‘Filter List’
  5. Use ‘Min Between Shifts’ drop down menu to select buffer interval
  6. Click ‘Save Settings’ button

Yes, SHIFT BUFFERING has arrived! Wait…. you may be asking “What is shift buffering?” Shift Buffering allows managers to define a time interval between shifts when an employee can NOT be scheduled. Now you may wonder “Yeah, so… why is this important?” Buffering intervals are a simple solution to a variety of scheduling situations that would traditionally require management to manually track and adjust time gaps between shifts.

Reduce time scheduling. Achieve compliance!

Why is this needed?
The eSchedule suite of Time Settings already help managers regulate O.T. situations and manage seniority requirements with tools for daily and weekly hour maximums. Now with the Shift Buffering feature managers can configure their eSchedule time settings to effortlessly comply with labour regulations, meet company standards, and respect employee preferences.

Why is this useful?
Most notably Shift Buffering provides an error-free tool to achieve government provisional rest requirements. However, this feature can also be used to manage the travel time needed by employees who work split shifts or at multiple locations in a given day. Physicians, residential caregivers, and retail staff are able to be scheduled between facilities without fear of scheduling errors resulting in short staffed situations.

To see how to use the Shift Buffering feature click HERE.