Not sure if you knew but the people at eSchedule are involved in a range of community initiatives from the environment to medical fundraising. Recently eSchedule launched a Paperless eScheduling Program as a way to give back to the environment on behalf of our members. Shortly after we began seeking a way to contribute in a similar manner to people. We thought about what it meant that an action is considered to be charitable when providing assistance to those in need, and then tied it back to how we already support eSchedule users. The answer was simple, provide assistance to Charitable Organizations who help people in need.

The result is the eSchedule Community Outreach Program where participating not-for-profit organizations receive a 1 year donation of eSchedule’s employee scheduling services. Simple and focused qualifying criteria for participation was defined: had to be a registered not-for-profit organization; had to have a humanitarian mandate; had to operate within areas of eSchedule members. To kick off the program our Outreach Team identified a few select not-for-profit groups and reach out them. The program has already been adopted by 2 organizations and is being discussed with 3 others. With the program receiving a very quite soft launch less than 2 months ago this response has been a great success.

Now, what shall we do next? Maybe you have an idea or two? Share these with us in any way you like.

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