Soon it will be 2012, at which time we will look back to the previous year and revisit it through memory. But for now while 2011 winds down most of us will be rushing through the holiday season. Unavoidable for some, imperative for others, relaxing for the lucky.

As a team who helps you manage your most precious resource, time, eSchedule would like to offer our extended family a simple suggestion for this season; gift yourself a little time to take it easy. We are fortunate to support your professional need for easy time management. Now is the opportunity to make a personal choice and do the same for yourself, even if only a little. Have a wonderful holiday season and take the time for the truly important things. Only you really know what those are.

And just as a bit of enticement we have a short video for you courtesy of YouTube. From every person at eSchedule we thank you for an incredible year together. Happy Holidays.

Ever wanted to add a shift directly from a given day in the View 2 calendar? How about the ability to sort the view by a specific position type. Based on your feedback, yes, this is what you’ve wanted to do. And why not? This makes your life easier which is what we are always about.

Clickable = quick & easy new shifts
Notice a shift is missing? Realize a high traffic weekend is approaching? Have a training session planned for new hires? Yes sir, it is likely you will need to add an additional shift to eSchedule here and there. No problem, nothing could be easier. While looking at View 2: choose a day for an additional shift to be added – click in any white area for that day – add shift from the pop-up shift box – and DONE!

Sortable = simplified coverage reviewing
Do you have enough POS staff. What about doctors? The new View 2 sorting feature allows to see your various shift coverage by individual position categories. Go ahead, try out how you can now drill down into a specific position and quickly see if you have enough shifts throughout on any day of the month.

As always, we want to extend a profound thank you to the whole of our eSchedule family. Your feedback allows us to develop ways so you can reclaim more hours, minutes, and even seconds. Always we will quest to reduce the time it takes to manage your business’ time.