p>Like all other numbers 7,000,000 is no more than a quantifiable measurement. Only when context is applied does a number become meaningful. To give you some context 7 million is a bit more than the population of Honduras but not quite as large as Hong Kong, is the number of Volkswagen’s sold in 2010, and is apparently how many people liked Leo Messi’s Facebook page in the first 7 hours. Ahhh, to be a soccer superstar…..

However, to us the 7,000,000 milestone is something we are deeply proud of. It is the number of hours YOU have scheduled using eSchedule! Think about that for a ½ second….. our users have entrusted us to help organize your staff for more than 7 million business hours. That amounts to 800 YEARS, or from another perspective, a full time work force of 3,500 PEOPLE. This is an incredible amount of productivity and employee coverage. It is not lost on us that people, particularly the right people, are the most important component to any business. We never forget what a vital role we have in supporting your clinics, stores, classes, outlets, theatres, and services. When your customers are happy we are thrilled!

Your team at eSchedule could not have reached this milestone on our own. Come on now, we’re busy, but not 7,000,000 hours busy. This is your achievement. Thank you for having us as part of your business, it is phenomenal to watch and help you grow!