Do your best servers affect your sales trends? Is your customer experience improved by specific coverage? Of course the answer is ‘Yes’ because the restaurant industry is about people. And every minute you spend on manually managing your schedule reduces opportunities to improve service, connect with customers, and develop staff. All the components that drive your business.

eSchedule Serving Restaurants

Our restaurant customers no longer need to worry about their managers and shift leaders being burdened with coordinating availability, manually filling empty shifts, and organizing shift trades.

““Understanding scheduling requires managers to know their business in detail. eSchedule is a great tool to help educate our managers about their business.””

( regional manager statement following rollout )

What you can do with eSchedule…

…in a Glance

  • Managers : review the assignment, status, and confirmation of every shift on a schedule
  • Employees : see all upcoming, open, and confirmed shift

…with a Click

  • Managers : find every available / qualified employee for a shift
  • Employees : acknowledge all assigned shifts

…under a Minute

  • Managers : create templates to reflect peak hours and days
  • Employees : coordinate a shift trade