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Employee Scheduling Feature Overview

Employee Scheduling Feature Overview

Hassle Free, No Installation

No software to install. No updates to make. No security to maintain. No hardware to purchase. Yet always up-to-the-moment accurate and accessible at all times from any Internet device. Web-based eSchedule delivers this at a cost below traditional installed software.

Unlimited Locations & Employees

Expanding to new markets? Hire seasonal workers during peak times? No problem. eSchedule will flex according to your needs as they change and do so without needing to contact us. The ability to add unlimited locations and employees is always at your discretion. We have been supporting fiction-free growth of our customers since 2005.

Unlimited Schedules & Hours

Employee Scheduling FeaturesWhether your business uses one schedule per location or you require 100 schedules for a single business you will never be restricted in how many hours and schedules you can create. Even better is your ability to generate as far into the future as you need. Want company-wide schedules to be created for the next year? You sure can.

Historical Data

Every scheduled shift (pending, approved, accepted) is maintained as historical data for all active accounts. Your data, accessible at any moment, is available as both a tabular report and graphically in a calendar. Simply reference it online or export it for your records. Enjoy achieving compliance and hassle free auditing.

Instant & Automatic Communication

The suite of automatic communication functions keep your employees notified of published schedules, shift changes, open shifts, and time off approvals. Managers benefit from immediate notice about picked up open shifts, declined shifts, and vacation requests. The Shift Board displays current schedule information and allows employees to acknowledge their shifts, whereas the Home Tab enables managers to deal with any action requiring their input. Notification of all schedule updates and approvals are instantly distributed to user’s eSchedule shift board and via email by default. And of course, all users can sync their schedules to calendar clients such as Microsoft Office 2007, Apple iCal and Google Calendar, etc.

Easy Scheduling Tools

Simplest Scheduling. Generate and publish a complete schedule with a few clicks of your mouse. Copy a day, week or even a month of schedule forward into the future with a couple more mouse clicks. View all available employees and revise shifts in the same action. Easily tailor use of additional tools to your scheduling needs such as bulk updating, exporting and printing. Of course, this can all be accomplished from any web-enabled device.

Real-time Availabilities

Adjusting your schedule on-the-fly is a simple as one-two clicks. On your schedule, click the employee name on any shift to check in real-time for other available employees who can fill the shift. Your most qualified employees are listed first, along with a tally of their total hours for the week (*includes hours from all scheduled locations). You may decide instead to open up the shift for any qualified staff to claim. Just click the “Mark as Open” link instead of selecting a replacement employee. Instantly the shift will be posted on your employee’s Shift Board as available. Whoever picks it up first wins :) . We will even send you an email with employee details when the open shift gets picked up.

Open-shift Schedules

Certain eSchedule customers choose to create entire schedules using only open shifts. These customers let their qualified employees select from available, where the quickest to respond are rewarded with their choice of schedule. At any time managers can make coverage adjustments. All open shifts can be configured for automatic email notification and will instantly populate in staff member’s HOME Tab and are notified via email your available employees based on their shift alarm settings.

Employee Shift Board

The Shift Board provides all users an overview of new shift assignments, available open shifts, and shift trades. More than simply a visual tool, the Shift Board is interactive! Staff can pick up open shift, initiate or accept trades, and can accept or decline new shifts when the shift-acceptance-workflow is enabled. The Shift Board functions in real-time so employees can see and communicate schedule information. On the other side, eSchedule automatically notifies managers when schedule ha been acknowledge, shifts declined, open shifts picked up, and coordinated trades are ready for approval (if enabled).

Employee Sharing & Floating

Unrestricted position and store assignments allow managers to schedule employees working at multiple locations, coordinate floaters, enable traveling employees pick up shifts, and let employees pick up open shift across your company. eSchedule customers have found this to be a most effective feature in addressing short staffed stores, share medical professionals, and coordinating services across various locations or events. The best part though is that eSchedule will NEVER allow a shift conflict. So share away without worry!

Time-off Requests

With eSchedule, it’s easy for employees to request time-off! Once submitted the time-off request is automatically forwarded to a manager for approval. Once processed by a manager the employee is notified via email of the result. eSchedule automatically keeps track of all approved and declined requests.

eSchedule Calendar Sync

Subscribe to your eSchedule calendar with any device that supports iCAL subscriptions! Easily view your eSchedule calendar in other applications like Microsoft Office 2007, Apple iCal and Google Calendar. Once a shift is accepted it automatically appears (within 10 minutes or so) on all of the devices that are setup to subscribe (iPhone works too!!). Check your smart phone, tablet or computer and you will have access to your up-to-date schedules.

Employee Profiles

Each employee has their own profile page. Employees can view all shifts in a calendar, input their availability, update personal information, and submit time off requests for approval. From each employee profile managers can view, add, and change store and position assignments. Managers will also find convenient access to upcoming and historical employee schedules (from all work locations), approved time-off requests, and current employee availability information. This is the best tool for managers to quickly find an employee and determine where and when they are scheduled and if they have any time off upcoming.

Schedule Reports

eSchedule comes with 5 reports by default, but our real specialty is creating custom views into your scheduling data. We have built some really cool analytical tools that help you and your managers make decisions when building scheduling templates and refining employee schedules. We also have easy exports to excel and custom exports to your in-house tools or 3rd party payroll providers.

Customizable Settings

It is easy to enable or disable the out-of-box eSchedule features from your settings tab. If you’re looking for a more serious eSchedule customization you can rest assured that eSchedule will be there for you. We built eSchedule on an extremely flexible and customizable framework. With relative ease, our programmers can create unique scheduling solutions according to your specifications for a fraction of what it would cost to have a custom solution built. Contact us today to chat about your ideas!

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