It is as easy as it sounds. Managers can now re-organize schedules by simply clicking on any Pending shift and dragging it to another calendar day. Go on give it a try! Go to View 2 and find a shift you want to reschedule. Click and hold on the shift while dragging it to ANY day in the calendar. Presto! In one movement you have modified your schedule. This works with any Pending shift (Open or Assigned to an employee) in the View 2 calendar.

What can managers do with this?

  • Move a shift to a Pending day, have a change of mind, move the shift back
  • Drag a Pending shift to an Approved day… YES this will automatically notify employees of new shifts WITHOUT you needing to click through the shift approval process
  • Spread out shift coverage from labour heavy days across lean days
  • Swap an Open shift for one assigned to an employee

What won’t it do?

  • Allow you to violate your scheduling settings and create shift conflicts (i.e.exceeding weekly maximums or overlapping shifts)
  • Allow shift to be dragged away from Approved days. Sorry, for now the Drag & Drop feature is dedicated to modifying your Pending schedule