Those tech geniuses we keep in the basement have had their crafty little fingers moving non-stop since New Years to deliver you an updated eSchedule. We fear all the coding may have worn off more than a few finger prints… No problem. It is for the good of our users, fingers come second :-)

Bug Hunting
You will now notice several fixes such as; the settings for the Geo-lookup feature is working seamlessly again; reassigning declined shifts from the home tab no longer gets occasionally confused; access to settings/templates for managers with access to multiple eSchedules has been restored; and revoked time-off requests once again appear on your manager Home tab. Whether you had the misfortune of dealing with these nasty parasites, or not, we are quite proud to announce they will not be bothering us anymore.

Features From Feedback
Always a source of pride for us are those moments we can give you what YOU asked for. This would be one of those times. Yes, general eSchedule operating improvements have been made. More importantly we heard a unified voice from a variety of our customers for very specific features. Thank you for taking the time to let us know what you need and want, these are for you:

1 – Day/WeekMonth hour totals on your eSchedules
View 2 now has a floating window with your total scheduled hours displayed in real-time. Click the month view to see the monthly total, click the week view for the weekly total, and … you get the point. Best part, you can hide the window, simply click it to slide it to the side and click to return to full view.

2 – Time Off widget added to Employee profile
Just as every Employee can see their Time Off metrics on their profile, now Managers have access to the same information. The widget automatically tallies both approved and pending requests which can help managers approve requests, identify those workaholics in desperate need of vacation, and protect employees from inadvertently entering Time Off arrears.

3 – Faster, sexier employee search
Searching for an employee, how do you currently do it? Do you look pull up your entire company roster, or just those in a specific store? If you are using these methods, may we rekindle the romance of seaching for an employee using the “Search By Name” box? This quick search feature under the Employee Tab will shuttle you to the person you seek in the time you can blink. Just start typing their name or email address and watch eSchedule simplify your search before you even finish. Quick. Easy.